vacuum carbourizing

Midwest Thermal-Vac can also vacuum temper to 750°C (1382°F) to compliment your heat treatment process. Vacuum tempering is being used for tempering high-speed steels and alloy steels to produce a scale-free finish. A vacuum tempering furnace is very versatile and can be used for bright tempering, aging and annealing. Other less common applications include degreasing, resin bake-off and preferential oxide treatment of low carbon steels.

Our equipment Bright Aging and Tempering: The most common application for our vacuum tempering furnace is to bright age materials such as stainless steels and beryllium copper and bright temper alloy steels, stainless steels and tool steels.

A vacuum temper furnace can reduce atmosphere gas usage, and total cycle time as compared to a bell-type controlled atmosphere furnace. It takes far less time to pump down the furnace before ramping to temperature and much less time after the parts are cool to remove them from the furnce.

Vacuum draw furnaces heat and cool through a high velocity circular wind flow pattern which provides exceptional heating and cooling temperature uniformity. All tempering processes are computer controlled to provide consistency and accuracy load after load. The surface integrity of parts is maintained throughout the entire draw cycle which results in vacuum bright parts.

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