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ECM Infracarb« process
Infracarb is the patented process used in ECM's ICBP vacuum carburizing systems. More precisely, Infracarb consists of an alternate injection of hydrocarbon (for carburizing) and a neutral gas (for diffusion). It relies on the thermal cracking of hydrocarbon at low pressure (7-13 mbar).

Infracarb chart Infracarb« process ensures that all the process parameters are controlled for optimal results. Propane C3H8 or Acetylen C2H2 for carburizing, and, nitrogen N2 for diffusion are the most commonly used gases in Infracarb« in standard conditions. Number and duration of the steps depends on the case-depth required. Fine tuning these parameters allows precise control of process results on ECM's ICBP« installations. Simulations of Infracarb« allow fine tuning of recipe parameters to reach the center a perfect control of case-depth.

  • No (IGO) inter-crystalline oxidation (improved metallurgical benefits)
  • Perfectly controlled and reproducible carburizing depths with narrow tolerances
  • Ability to provide choice of surface carbon content
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • Compatibility of quench mediums: gas or oil
  • Heat treatment cycle can be computer simulated and guarantee exact requested carbon profile on parts
  • Reduced heat treatment time
An Innovative enrichment technology
In ICBP systems, enrichment is brought to saturation as long as enough carburizing gas is supplied and parts are adequately positioned to enable gas flow to reach centre of the load.


Acetylene brings advanced case depth uniformity
Complex parts, dense loads If you are to treat parts with complex geometry or particularly dense loads, acetylene C2H2 is the answer, currently used on 40% of installations in service. With higher enrichment capabilities than propane, acetylene responds to higher requirements for carburizing homogeneity and is suited for complex-shaped parts, with greater surface to treat (bores, blind holes). Acetylene tests on diesel injectors showed a 41% higher carbon enrichment than with propane at the base of the part.
Atmosphere carburized
Atmosphere carburized
Low pressure Vacuum carburized
Low pressure vacuum carburized

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